Learning Performance Testing

Performance testing is a very interesting area. From one side, it is rather an established discipline with thousands of people involved. From another side, there is not much information about it considering 20+ years of history. And, in particular, not ma...

Agile Testing: What’s Next?

For the past month, we have been highlighting the current agile testing methods at play in the software development industry. From the user-focused Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) method, to the perception-based Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATD...

How to Test for Security in the Cloud

In nearly every organization, employees are utilizing applications that interact with critical business and personal cloud security information. Think about industries like health care, for example, that must manage patient and financial data while keepin...

Modern Application Performance Testing

Everyone agrees that application performance matters. The more difficult issue is defining application performance. Is it how fast the servers respond? The time from user click to server response? How well the system handles five hundred or ten thousand u...

Defining Your Role as a Tester

Recently, I have found myself focusing less on the quality of an organization’s products from a tester’s perspective. At this point, I find myself more and more in the role of helping organizations see the larger picture: How are they set up? What ca...

Is all Testing Exploratory Testing?

Recently, some leaders in the testing field suggested that all testing is in fact, exploratory testing. Testing methodology was actually very informal beginning in the 1960s, and it was not until the 1970s that more formalized standards and test scripts c...

Why Mobile Testing is Tough?

Mobile Testing is really challenging domain. Let’s see why. While searching for educational apps/games for my toddler, I found a game where a kid can do different saloon operations on vehicles like washing, cleaning, painting, tattooing (vehicles too ca...

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